Chock full o’Nuts


When I called the Cremation Society to find out about urns the woman said “Oh people bring in all kind of containers, bought urns, coffee cans, even cardboard boxes.”  When I discussed it with my brother Justin we both agreed that a coffee can would be ideal, especially if we could find a Chock-full-o’Nuts can.  Living in New Hampshire I wasn’t  hopeful about finding that particular brand of coffee.

We’d gone into Target for some reason and while we were there I suggested we at least look in the food section.  As I recall, there were only two brands of coffee available in large cans.  Lo and behold – one of them was our brand.  (And the other coffee came in a plastic container.)  Chock full a’Nuts, New York Roast!  Also, in fine print on the front it says “New York’s Coffee Since 1932” which happens to be the year Jim was born.

When we brought this can into the Cremation Center the woman who came out with the ashes said it was the best urn she had seen in her entire career.

He Died

Okay, so why is there a label on the can that says “He Died?”

When my dad lived with me in Hadley we often drove past a gravestone store.  One day I asked him what we should write on his gravestone, (despite knowing his wish to be cremated).  He replied, “Just write ‘He Died.'”

That eventually evolved into a family joke in which we decided that when I die my gravestone will be placed next to my dad’s and it will say “She Died Too,” and my brother will be next to me, with a marker that says “He Also Died.”


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