Christmas Cards from the Past

Here are some of Jim’s Christmas cards from the past.  I have no idea what years they are from!

Here are few more recent holiday cards that dad and I did together:

Karen and I broke up last year, but she continues to be a good friend.
I miss Jack-Jack, but now have my own puppy – Zelda Zane, an adorable husky-mix, who got to “meet” my dad before he died.


The above card is my favorite.  I love the concept we came up with and there’s something so very perfect about my dad’s playfulness in these photos.  Plus, his hair was so wonderfully unkempt!

I think the above card was actually our first joint effort.  I can remember trying to convince dad the theme was too violent for the holidays!  Obviously I gave in, but not without adding a caveat of sorts on the back of the card.

This is another one of my faves.  I think we took at least 10 strips of photos in the little booth at local mall.  We were both sick of being in there after a while!


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